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3 Sample Wedding Planning Packages

3 Sample Wedding Planning Packages

The wedding planning consultation between you and your clients lays the foundation for what service your client is expecting from you and what the client is planning to do. When you first meet with your client, the major conversation should consist of discussing your client’s wedding plan and explaining your wedding planning packages.

Typically, a wedding event planner is hired to offer a Full Coordination, Partial Coordination, or Month of Coordination Wedding Planning, and it is important that you fully explain to your client what is included in each of your wedding planning packages. As a wedding event planner, you may want to offer at least two of these services so as to give your clients an option. The top three sample wedding planning packages include:

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3 Things to Include in your Event Planning Packages

event planning packages

As an event planner, one of the most important things you can do is to create well-detailed event planning packages. This will help your clients to clearly understand what is included and the benefits of your services. Not sure what to include in your event planning packages? Here are three (3) important things you need to include in your event planning packages.

Event Planning pricing services
How to Price your Event Planning Services

1.    Detailed Services

Your potential client will be looking to understand what you have to offer and how it can help them. To give your client a clear picture, it is important to start with a detailed overview of the event planning services you offer. This is your opportunity to fully outline what you offer, the features, benefits, and draw your potential client into your vision.

For your event planning packages to have maximum impact, you must build them on your client’s desires. Also, you need to customize this part to your client’s requested services. You may need to understand what the client ultimately hopes to accomplish. Everything, from self-introduction to aesthetic choices to event planning services offered, should be carefully outlined for that reason.

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2.    Add-Ons

If you are happy to offer additional work for your client, but it isn’t part of your standard event planning packages, simply let your client know that you understand that each event is unique and may require different planning needs, and your add-ons can fill in the gaps. For instance, some wedding event planners offer add-on services on RSVP tracking, budget management, hotel room booking, and transportation coordination.

Some wedding planners also provide destination wedding coordination services, which help their clients get organized while providing support as they plan their perfect wedding abroad. You can also combine these add-on services with your other event planning packages. So, ensure to list any add-on services you offer in the event planning packages, giving your client more options.

3.    Price

Event pricing is critical to any event’s success. Pricing tells your prospective clients what they are expected to pay for your event planning services. This section is important for your clients to understand the value of particular services. You may also wish to include additional information about payment requirements or discounts, such as putting down a deposit before finalizing the booking.

Ensure your event planning pricing is well packaged in a tactical way to encourage prospective clients to choose your services over someone else’s. Moreover, knowing your client’s budget for the event can help you understand how to better structure your pricing lists for the event.

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3 Things to Include in Your Event Planner Price List

3 Things to Include in Your Event Planner Price List

Whether you’re just starting an event planning business or you’re an existing planner, knowing what to include in your event planner price list is important for bookings. Your event planner price list is one way to inform potential clients who have not officially been sent a proposal. 

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10 Blog Posts Every Event Planner Should Read

10 Blog Posts Every Event Planner Should Read

Working as an event planner can be a dream career that allows you to work for yourself and have financial independence. Even if you have a natural talent for event planning, there will be aspects of the business you will need help with. That is why we did this round up of the 10 blog posts every event planner should read. 

There is something for every event planner on this list. Whether you want to learn how to charge for your services or want to know how to land clients without a portfolio, you will find what you are looking for. 

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