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3 Sample Wedding Planning Packages

3 Sample Wedding Planning Packages

The wedding planning consultation between you and your clients lays the foundation for what service your client is expecting from you and what the client is planning to do. When you first meet with your client, the major conversation should consist of discussing your client’s wedding plan and explaining your wedding planning packages.

Typically, a wedding event planner is hired to offer a Full Coordination, Partial Coordination, or Month of Coordination Wedding Planning, and it is important that you fully explain to your client what is included in each of your wedding planning packages. As a wedding event planner, you may want to offer at least two of these services so as to give your clients an option. The top three sample wedding planning packages include:

1. Full Coordination Wedding Planning Package

While a wedding planner has the luxury of commanding much higher prices for a full coordination wedding package, this kind of wedding planning service is a huge task to undertake. Luckily, the more wedding planning experience you gain, the easier the entire process will become.

For coordination wedding planning, you take responsibility for keeping everyone on track with the wedding planning. You will be responsible for guiding the couple throughout the entire wedding process, attend many vendor consultations and meetings with the couple, keep track of vendor payment plans, project and managing the wedding budget, and doing everything that involves wedding day management.

You may also be required to recommend wedding venues and do tours of potential wedding venues with your clients. These and more are the basic description of what a full coordination wedding package contains. Keep in mind that these are just basic parameters. As a wedding planner, you can customize your full coordination wedding package.

2. Partial Coordination Wedding Packages

This wedding package offers all of the services of a full coordination wedding package, but only for the aspects of your client’s choosing. This wedding package allows the couple to plan most of the wedding with help from wedding planners. With this package, you will be able to give your client multiple planning sessions that can start months before their wedding day. Partial coordination wedding package includes some or all of the following:

  • Offering a certain number of wedding planning hours to the client.
  • Going along with your client to attend vendors’ meetings.
  • Offering a monthly or quarterly check-in meeting to ensure the client is on track with planning.
  • Offers a set of services.
  • Keeping your client on track with planning by checking in regularly and sending reminders

If you don’t have a very specific service, set amounts of meetings, or the number of hours that you provide your client, you may find it challenging to offer this wedding planning package.

3. Month of Coordination Wedding Package

This is also known as wedding day coordination. In this service package, your clients will be responsible for all of the wedding plans. If you offer a month of coordination wedding package, you may be valuable to your clients during the planning process or choose to only start working together a few months before the wedding.

Some wedding event planners start offering their services one or two months prior to the wedding date. It is during this process that the planner gathers all of the client’s wedding details that they have already planned, coordinates wedding day events, creates a wedding day timeline, and more.