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5 Questions to ask when Pricing your Wedding Planning Services

5 Questions to ask when Pricing your Wedding Planning Services, event planning templates, wedding planner templates

Pricing your services in any industry can be difficult, but it can seem especially daunting in the wedding industry! If you’re working on pricing your wedding planning services, it’s easy to get lost in suggestions online, competitor’s pricing, and even comments from your own clients. Instead of making it complicated, it all comes down to how you plan on running your business. To help you understand what that means, we’ve got the top 5 questions to ask when pricing your wedding planning services.

How much do you want to make in a year?

Whether you’re just starting to set prices or reevaluating the ones you’re already charging, this is a great benchmark for how to set pricing that works for you. By having an annual revenue number in mind, you can start to narrow down what each wedding should bring in for you. If you’ve already set a price that’s not getting you to that annual number, it might be time for an increase!

What is your investment per wedding?

Owning a business and providing services isn’t cheap! You’ll need to tally up all your costs for each wedding planned to help you decide if the price you charge your clients is even worth the amount of work you’re putting in! Whether the costs are marketing, web design, or even hours worked, add those numbers up and subtract them to get your profit – is that number where you want it to be to make your business viable? If not, time to price higher!

What do you want to offer?

You don’t need to lowball your pricing if you can tack on additional value to your services! Instead of focusing on just the standard wedding planning, can you offer extras like consulting, a more involved experience for your client, or a “white glove” version of your service to make a higher cost seem reasonable to a couple? Sometimes just marketing your services better can add to the overall experience, which leads to couples making larger investments.

How do you compare to your competitors?

Take inventory of the wedding planners in your area by using a Vendor Marketplace like The Knot offers – are your prices much higher, or far lower than theirs? Competitors can be a great gauge of the market in your area. You can create a benchmark by deciding if you have more or less experience, if you offer a better overall service, or if you bring that extra something to the table that your competitors are lacking. However, staying somewhat close in range is the best call to ensure you’re not losing business to a cheaper competitor.

Who is your ideal client?

By answering this question, you can tailor your prices to the experience your ideal client will expect. For example, if you want to work with a DIY bride on a budget, you don’t want to be charging white glove service prices. And on the other hand, if you’re looking to work with higher end couples, pricing your services at a higher cost will bring in that higher budget clientele.

As we’ve mentioned before, there’s no one size fits all answer to pricing your wedding planning services. However, by answering these questions, or using a workbook like this one, you can start to narrow down on numbers that are tailored to the needs of you and your business, and will help you start to make a real profit! Know your worth and charge accordingly!

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5 Canva Fonts to Try in Your Wedding Business in 2022

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An important part of building your brand and business is nailing down your actual branding. This can include your color palette, overall tone and voice of your company, and, you guessed it, your signature fonts. Choosing the correct fonts is important as it represents your brand and professionalism to potential clients and current customers. Your fonts will carry from your website to your contracts, to your deliverables, so it’s important to choose fonts you like! And with Canva, finding fonts for your brand has never been easier! We’ve got our top 5 choices for wedding planning Canva fonts to try this 2022 below!


The Chloe font is modern, simple, and sophisticated. It is a classic serif font that is made up of contrasting lines and curves for a chic feel. Great for headlines and designs, the Chloe font is a great staple for any business type, but works especially well in the wedding industry as it offers a clean, romantic look to any page.


Gistesy is a beautiful font made to look like elegant, cursive handwriting. The natural movement of this font adds a classy, whimsical touch to your branding, and looks great as the font used for the name of your business and other headers. Gistesy is a Canva font that is sure to turn heads and have brides and grooms taking a second look!


If you’re looking for a more minimalist feel, look no further than the sans-serif font, Kiona. This is another great option for headlines, logos, and titles, but offers a no-frills feel often found in high fashion brands. If you’re looking to elevate the look of your branding, Kiona is a great fit.


If you’re looking for a Canva font that transitions well between in-page text and headers, look no further than the luxury font, Quiche. This high contrast, sans serif font offers a modern look that still looks incredibly high-end. Offer your site viewers and clients a luxury experience by using this Canva font in your branding.


Lora is one of the staple Canva fonts that keeps coming back year after year. This classic font makes a great choice for body text, with its roots in calligraphy. The serif style pairs well with a great number of other fonts, making it a great choice in wedding branding. The curves of this font add an elegance that other body text fonts lack. You’ll find Lora a great fit for any text heavy sections of your site, like a blog.

Branding is a very personal aspect of building a business, and choosing your signature fonts is a huge part of that! These fonts will be representative of yourself and your business, so it’s important to choose the Canva fonts that resonate with you. Wanting to try your hand at choosing your fonts in an actual business document? Check out this tutorial on building your Client Welcome Letter in Canva to play around with the fonts that speak to you! Happy branding!

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4 Types of Questions TO NOT Include in your Wedding Planner Questionnaire

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Wedding planner questionnaires are a great way to collect and organize all the important information you need about your clients and their wedding. These questionnaires are a must-have for any wedding planner, as they set expectations for both the client and the planner! Your wedding planner questionnaire should include everything from contact information to vision outlining, to budgetary restrictions – almost anything is fair game. But there are a few types of questions you should absolutely avoid including on your questionnaire. These can cause unnecessary drama or conflict in your client relationships.

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Creating a Price List for Your Wedding Business

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One of the most frequently asked questions for wedding planners is: what do I charge? Pricing can make a lot of people squirm, and there are a lot of opinions and thoughts out there about what wedding planning should cost. Between hearing the entrepreneurial crowd insist you charge what you’re worth, and brides balking at additional costs in their budgets, it can be a daunting task to even start setting your price list. But the bottom line is that pricing a wedding planning business isn’t a one size fits all process. Instead, we’ll walk you through the steps of creating a price list for your wedding business that suits you and your clients.

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5 Things to Include in a Client Welcome Package

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So you’ve landed a new or potential client – congrats! To effectively onboard them to your services, a great next step is to send them a client welcome package. If you’re unfamiliar with the product, it’s simply a packet that helps outline your services, set expectations, and get you and the client on the same page from start to finish. By offering them a guide to their experience with you, you’re setting a great foundation for your working relationship! Below, we’re outlining the top 5 things you should include in your Client Welcome Package.

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4 Instagram Post Ideas for Wedding Planners

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By now, everyone knows the importance of utilizing social media when marketing your business, especially in the wedding industry. But when it comes down to planning and creating content, you can feel a bit stuck on where to start and what to post! If you’re ready to spice up your Instagram feed, we’ve got you covered on how to get started creating content. We’ve rounded up the top Instagram post ideas for wedding planners to get you started on your social media journey!

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3 Canva Fonts for Wedding Planners

3 Canva Fonts for Wedding Planners

Whether you love or hate thinking about fonts – if you are a wedding planner, you need to have them because this is a part of your branding. Choosing the right font is important for helping you streamline your branding and impress potential clients. We understand that planning all the little details of a wedding can be overwhelming, so we want to make the branding piece a little bit easier by sharing the best Canva fonts for wedding planners.

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5 Instagram Caption Prompts

5 Instagram Caption Prompts for Wedding Planners

It is no secret that Instagram is one of the most visual social media platforms out there, with millions of active monthly users regularly sharing and viewing content on the app. Instagram is so visual that many people put all of their efforts into snapping the perfect photo and just posting without giving their caption prompts a second thought.

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5 Funny Instagram Caption Ideas

5 Funny Instagram Caption Ideas for Wedding Planners

Instagram (IG) is one of the best social media platforms for wedding planners. While pictures seem to be the most important thing on Instagram, Instagram captions are also important. Writing an Instagram caption that captivates your users is an art. You may wonder how to make funny Instagram captions that mesmerize your audience. Here are 5 great Instagram caption ideas for wedding planners as they work through how to write remarkable and funny Instagram captions.

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3 Sample Wedding Planning Packages

3 Sample Wedding Planning Packages

The wedding planning consultation between you and your clients lays the foundation for what service your client is expecting from you and what the client is planning to do. When you first meet with your client, the major conversation should consist of discussing your client’s wedding plan and explaining your wedding planning packages.

Typically, a wedding event planner is hired to offer a Full Coordination, Partial Coordination, or Month of Coordination Wedding Planning, and it is important that you fully explain to your client what is included in each of your wedding planning packages. As a wedding event planner, you may want to offer at least two of these services so as to give your clients an option. The top three sample wedding planning packages include:

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