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5 Things to Include in a Client Welcome Package

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So you’ve landed a new or potential client – congrats! To effectively onboard them to your services, a great next step is to send them a client welcome package. If you’re unfamiliar with the product, it’s simply a packet that helps outline your services, set expectations, and get you and the client on the same page from start to finish. By offering them a guide to their experience with you, you’re setting a great foundation for your working relationship! Below, we’re outlining the top 5 things you should include in your Client Welcome Package.

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10 Videos Every Wedding Planner Should Watch

10 Videos Every Wedding Planner should watch

As a wedding planner you always want to stay up to date on all of the ins and outs of wedding planning. With things always changing, especially in 2020, it is important to make sure you have the latest information to continue to grow your business. 

We have rounded up the 10 videos that every wedding planner should watch to benefit their business and their clients. 

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How to Choose Branding Colors Using Canva

How to Choose Branding Colors Using Canva

Canva is an amazing online design tool that can do anything from making gifts to branding your business with print and digital marketing media. But Canva is more than just a tool for making a fun Instagram post. Business owners can actually use the Pro version to choose their branding colors and use them for every design they make. 

As an event planner, it is important that everything you do or post is on-brand. The colors need to be exactly matched as well as using the same fonts for every design. There is research that has shown how much importance clients and consumers put on colors when they make their choices. Landing new clients can be as easy as choosing the right branding colors. But how do you use Canva to choose the colors that will make your business pop?

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