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5 Things to Include in your Client Welcome Letter

Booking a new event planning or wedding planning client is an exciting process, and how you welcome that person into your company can leave a lasting impression for your working relationship. Today, I want to share 5 things to include in your client welcome letter to ensure that you stand out in client’s eyes.

1. Logo & Company Information

The first thing you want to include in your client welcome letter is your company information. For Example:

Beyond the Decor
Wedding Decorators Atlanta
Indian Wedding Decorators Atlanta

Branding your letter is important. It creates cohesiveness between your documents, your website, and other correspondences.

Be sure to include your company name, logo, website link, and phone number. This way clients can quickly refer to your materials and know exactly how to contact you.

2. Main Contact Person

Your client welcome letter should clearly outline who the main event contact is for your client. If you’re a team of event planners, this is where you let your client know the Event Planner that is assigned to their account.

Even if your a one-person operation, still use this opportunity to let your client know that you will be the person responsible for their event. While you can assume that a client will already know this, they might not know the structure of your business unless you provide that information.

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3. Planning Process

Clients are not event planners, so your client welcome letter should provide a brief overview of what the process will be when working with you. For example: Will you connect with the client every week? Will you follow up on payments? When does the planning officially start? Provide this information to your clients so they have an idea of the process for working with your to plan their event.

4. Expectations & Decision Making

Every client will be different, some clients will be the main person making decisions, others might rely on family members for advice. That being said, you might also provide a different level of service to each client based on the package they booked. Your client welcome letter should outline your expectations, such as when you respond to emails or how frequently clients can expect to hear from you.

You should also make it clear to the clients who you will refer to for final decisions. For example: Will you make a change to the venue if the client’s mother-in-law requested this, or should this directive be coming from the client?

This is a very important step that you do not want to miss. This will help you to avoid any potential miscommunication later on.

5. Reassurance & Thank You

Your client has placed a lot of trust in you by signing that contract and hiring you. Use your letter to reassure them that this was the best decision and that you will be working to create an event that meets their satisfaction.

This is also where you can close your letter with a note of thanks and encourage them to connect with you if they have any questions.

Conclusion: Client Welcome Letter

Your client welcome letter is a key document in your client onboarding process. Think through what information your clients will need the moment they hire you and how you can include that to get them started off right.