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3 Canva Fonts for Wedding Planners

3 Canva Fonts for Wedding Planners

Whether you love or hate thinking about fonts – if you are a wedding planner, you need to have them because this is a part of your branding. Choosing the right font is important for helping you streamline your branding and impress potential clients. We understand that planning all the little details of a wedding can be overwhelming, so we want to make the branding piece a little bit easier by sharing the best Canva fonts for wedding planners.

There are tons of Canva font combinations out there, but sorting and sifting through them can be time-consuming. Whether you are going for a clean, modern, or sophisticated look, you will definitely find a perfect Canva font combination that is a perfect match for your wedding planning packages and branding.

1. Lora Font

3 Canva Fonts for Wedding Planners

Lora is one of the great fonts for wedding planners as it is representative of a Sophisticated style. These fonts are often old-style, script, calligraphic, and sometimes italicized. Lora is a well-balanced modern serif, which has roots in traditional calligraphy. Lora’s brushed curves make it a sophisticated and elegant typeface.

The effect of using regular and italic together is charming for wedding planning design. Use fascinating compositions by looking for the right location to place your text. As a style with modest contrast, Lora is suitable for portraying a brand that is soft and sophisticated. You don’t have to use a totally different style to achieve a theatrical effect. Using bold and lights forms of the same font family can get your design versatility.

2. Playfair Display Font

3 Canva Fonts for Wedding Planners

Playfair Display is often a transitional style and a fully modern serif font suitable for display. It is a great font for event posters and invitations. When it comes to designing a wedding invitation, you can utilize this classic display font without hesitation. This stunning Playfair Display is an eye-catching header for wedding invitations. The Playfair Display has a heavy style that offsets beautifully against its italic, creating a harmonious hierarchy.

The font features thick letterforms with contrasting thin serifs. Besides, color can play a great part in how your typefaces are pictured. The style has more personality and sass more than traditional and formal fonts such as Garamond. This makes Playfair Display well suited for events and invitation cards for occasions that are appealing to younger people.

3. Montserrat Font

3 Canva Fonts for Wedding Planners

Montserrat Light has a structured, clean, and easy-to-read form. With Montserrat, you can use the light form for a heading and the bold version for subheading and body. You can use Montserrat Light for a heading to softens the text’s overall effect. Montserrat perfectly balanced out the round features of a header with its uniform, straight lines. This font is great not only for branding but for areas with extensive reading such as your blogs.

However, since Montserrat is a light style, it is vital to use a background that doesn’t have much detail. Besides, you want to make sure there is enough tonal contrast between the text and background to make sure your audience can easily read your text.