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Top 5 Hashtags for Wedding Florists

Top 5 Hashtags for Wedding Florists

There is unlikely to be a wedding without some kind of flowers. Usually there is an abundance of flowers that grace everything from the bouquet to the tables to the groomsmen. Flowers are everywhere so a fantastic florist is a must. Florists use social media marketing as well and the hashtags that are used on Instagram and other platforms can lead the brides straight to their door. But just like anyone using hashtags, which ones the florist uses will make or break the how many people see and find the posts. 

That is why we did some research and found the five of the top hashtags for wedding florists. These hashtags are searched regularly which means the appropriate use will lead to new clients, new planners that recommend your services, and new venues that will tell future brides all about what you can do. 

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Top 5 Hashtags for Wedding Cake Bakers

hashtag wedding cake bakers

The competition among wedding cake bakers can be fierce, especially in a saturated market and online. If you have been on Instagram lately then you will see hashtags everywhere. Some people use them for humor but when it comes to business, the hashtags have to serve a purpose. Most importantly, they should help you find potential clients.

Choosing the best hashtags for your wedding cake business can seem tedious but there are some tips to find the top hashtags that you can use to drive more traffic to your page. It’s also important to understand why social media and hashtags are important for your online presence.¬†

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