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4 Must Have Details to Include in Your Wedding Planning Proposal

So you’ve met with a couple, gotten an introduction, and they seem interested. So how do you land the contract? The first step is to build and send them a Wedding Planning Proposal – this will include all the information they’ll need to make their choice…with you! This is an essential part of wedding planning business, and when done well, will leave a lasting impression on potential and future clients. There are a number of things you can include in your proposal, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top 4 must-have details to include in your wedding planning proposal!

Company Overview

While you’ve already introduced yourself to this couple, now is the time to explain why they should hire you for their wedding! In a company overview, you can introduce yourself and your team if you have one, and go over what experience you bring to the table! This can make all the difference if potential clients are debating between you and a competitor – make sure you stand out from the crowd! This will also make a couple feel more comfortable hiring you if they know you’ve got the knowledge or experience to back yourself up!

Packages and Pricing

You’ll want to make sure you thoroughly outline your services here. Explain what is included in each package, what their investment will be, and what they can expect from you in each! If possible, tailor this section to your previous meeting – if they expressed interest in a specific package, be sure to highlight that one. If you know certain details about their wedding, fill that in to the packages as well. Personalizing their proposal will go a long way in endearing a couple to you!

Your Process

Use this area to walk them through your process following a contract signing. You’re essentially giving them a general timeline of what to expect from you and when! This can help them decide if your process works with their vision and planning journey, and can bring up important questions they may have in their decision process. Providing this information gives them a view of your services before purchasing, so they can feel great about their investment.

Next Steps

The last thing to include in your wedding planning proposal are the next steps and any policies you may have! You’ll want to be upfront about what happens next – how will the contract be handled, when will you begin work, what will they need to provide you? You should also include any policies or stipulations they need to be aware of. If your pricing is subject to change, offer them a deadline to sign at the prices given in your proposal. If you require a deposit during signing, include this as well! This is a great way to keep things streamlined and avoid any miscommunication early on!

A wedding planning proposal is a necessary step in getting a couple from potential client to signed client! By including these four details, you’re keeping the bride or couple engaged and interested while outlining everything they can expect from you. Using a template like this one can ensure that your proposal looks professional and isn’t missing anything. Consider that contract signed!