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3 Things to Remove from your Questionnaire

things to exclude from your websitting client questionnaire

A client questionnaire is a great way to collect information from potential clients about their event. While it’s important to get as much information as possible to help you better under your clients, there are some questions that just should not be asked. 

Asking some hot button questions that you don’t really need to know the answers to can upset your potential clients. Quite frankly it can come off as nosey and unprofessional. That is not the way you want your business remembered.

The best course of action is to stick with things that directly affect the wedding. Hypotheticals have no place on the questionnaire. If there are things that need to change or other issues that arise later you can deal with it then. We’ve put together a list of three questions that you should NOT include in your wedding questionnaire. 

1. Previous Marriages

Don’t ask this question. You aren’t planning a previous wedding, you are planning a current wedding. Plus this question could open up a pandora’s box, so to speak. If there have been previous marriages and the couple wants you to know about it then it is likely that they will tell you. 

There could be one member of the couple that hasn’t been married before and that makes them sensitive to the fact that the other member has been. Just avoid this question altogether. We promise it’ll be better for everyone. 

2. Budget Saving Ideas

You can talk about budget or even ask what their budget is for the wedding on the questionnaire but don’t ask about budget saving ideas. This makes it seem like you don’t think they can afford the wedding they are planning. Offending clients is a very good way to ruin your business relationship. 

Once they tell you what the budget is leave it at that. Don’t imply that they need to save money. Now if they want you to plan a wedding on a budget and what they want can’t be done then you need to talk to them. But the questionnaire process isn’t the time to highlight that a client’s finances need to be improved. 


3. Awkward Family Situations

Family issues are something that most couples will let you know if it’s something to worry about. This is not likely to be a problem but if it is it will come up closer to the wedding. During the seating chart, photography planning, or the day of the wedding, a couple would let you know if they would like to avoid any awkward situations. However, bringing it up and stressing everyone out at the beginning of the process won’t be good for anyone involved. 

Conclusion: Client Questionnaire

As a wedding planner, you need to be able to help the bride and groom navigate these situations when they arise, so let them identify these issues for you.