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4 Ways to Use Canva for Your Wedding Planning Business

4 Ways to Use Canva for Your Wedding Planning Business

If you haven’t heard of Canva then the time has come for you to have an introduction. This can completely change your wedding planning business. Canva can change how you market, your social media presence, and the way you present your business to clients. The tools that are offered within this design website are perfect for designing your brand and making materials that represent your business. 

The wedding planning business has stiff competition so it is imperative to stand out from the crowd. What you design needs to be eye catching enough for social media users to stop the scroll. It also needs to say exactly who you are as a business. These four ways to use Canva for your wedding planning business are noteworthy because they are things all wedding planners need and use. If you don’t then now is the time to start. 

1. Brochures and Marketing 

In order for couples to book your services for their wedding day they will need to know who you are. This is where marketing comes in. The way wedding planners need to market changes sometimes so you need to always be prepared. While word of mouth is the most flattering way to get business, there are times when things like a global pandemic change that. It then goes to social media. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to have digital marketing materials that can be posted on your website, social media pages, and networking sites. 

Canva has amazing templates that can help you brand and market your wedding planning business. They have brochure templates, business cards, templates for various social media sites, as well as printing services for client packets and swag. Before you start making your marketing materials you should use Canva to put together your colors and logo. This can be used with all designs.

2. On Brand Social Media Templates

Social media is king right now and there aren’t signs of that changing anytime soon. That is why having on brand social media templates that you can use for various posts are a game changer. For a business all of the social media from Facebook to Instagram and beyond all need have a cohesive feel. They need to have the same colors, fonts, and general feel to them. Canva has templates for each type of social media, even Pinterest. The perfect size and layout is important for precision and readability when the content is posted. 

3. Client & Project Design Boards

Clients sometimes don’t know exactly what they want. They can give you ideas of what the flowers or decor could look like but if they don’t seem sure you can use Canva to help. Creating client design boards for each aspect of the wedding will help both of you narrow down what the couple is really looking for. The visual nature of these boards really helps keep the planner and the client on the same page. 

4. Templates and Marketing Leads

Offering freebies like calendar templates, checklists, or e-books are a great way to get new clients and pamper current clients. But they need to look professional. Canva has designs and templates that will make your project look fantastic and let your clients know that you were a fantastic choice of planner. 

If you still aren’t confident in your Canva skills you can use a template yourself like this Lead Magnet Bundle for wedding planners.