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5 Items to Include in Your Wedding Client Welcome Package

event planning client welcome package

Signing a new client as an event planner is exciting! All of the build-up to signing the contract may seem like a lot of work. But really it is only the beginning. Once they are on board and have decided that you are their planner, that is when the real work begins – and it starts with your client welcome package. 

After the contract is signed the first thing you need to do as the wedding planner is to send your client welcome package. Maybe you deliver it in person or maybe you mail it over. Either way is fine but the bottom line is that you need to send one to officially welcome your new client. 

If you are a new wedding planner and this is your first client then you may be wondering what you need to include in the welcome package. That is a great question and the very reason we wrote this post. There are five essentials that should not be forgotten. You can include more if you’d like, but we do not recommend including less. 

1. A Client Welcome Letter

This will be a formal written welcome to your client. Once they have chosen your company you will use a letter template that you have created or you can use one like this one. Using a template will help keep things consistent while cutting down on repetitive work. 

This is where you can tell them how excited you are that they chose your company and tell them which planner will be managing their event. You will also set some expectations for friends and family to not attempt to change what the two of you have decided. You can also touch on vendor communications and expectations. Most importantly personalize your welcome letter to fit your company, brand, and client. 

2. Copy of the Contract

There can never be too many copies of the contract in the hands of those involved. There can be no argument or negotiation about terms when there are adequate copies that have been provided. In the welcome packet, you can send the client another final signed copy of the contract. This will ensure that the clients see it again whether they read through it or not. 

3. Next Steps

A brief outline of the next steps will take the mystery and possibly confusion out of the wedding planning process. When the bride and groom know what is needed or going to happen next when it comes to the event they will feel more at ease. This will lessen the stress and overwhelming feelings that can come with planning a wedding. 

4. Thank You Note

A lovely handwritten thank you note can go a long way in building rapport with your client. Showing that you value them enough to take the time to personally thank them for their business will mean a lot to the client. So much that you will probably get referrals from the client. Remember, they didn’t have to choose your business. Sincere gratitude will go a long way. 

5. A Small Gift

Including a small gift to start the planning of their wedding off right will be something that most brides will cherish. It can help them realize that you are with them on this journey to the altar.

The gift doesn’t have to be large. You can do something small but somewhat personal such as these tea favors from Etsy. You can personalize the message to say thank you for your business or whatever you would like to say. These can also be ordered in bulk so you are ready for the busy wedding season. 

You could also have a personal royal icing sugar cookie made, add a set of monogrammed note cards or any other small thoughtful gift. 

Conclusion: Client Welcome Package

However you choose to customize your client welcome package, the important thing to remember is that this should include all the information needed to officially on-board a new client. The package should also be branded and customize to provide the client with a consistent experience of what it will be like to work with you.