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5 Instagram Post Ideas for Wedding Planners

instagram post ideas for wedding planners

If you’re a wedding planner and not posting consistently on Instagram you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. Instagram is where a large number of millennial brides hang out and look for wedding inspiration. Coming up with Instagram post ideas, however, is not always easy. We have done some brainstorming and have come up with five Instagram post ideas to help you this year. 

If you need a bit more help than Instagram post ideas, also check out these great templates to get you started. 

1. Quick Tips

Solving someone’s problem is the number one thing that is wanted on social media. You need to look at who your target audience is and what their main pain points are. This will help you come up with some quick tips for brides and grooms for your Instagram feed. 

Giving weekly quick tips will be a great way to drive traffic and increase your following. Make sure you use hashtags to the fullest when doing this.  An example tip would be:

“Hey Brides, don’t forget when you are making your wedding menu to choose the foods that you enjoy. Even if it isn’t what others might want, remember this is your day!” 

Or something to that effect. You can also make them into a fun graphic series using Canva.

2. Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes posts are really engaging and give potential clients a glimpse into your business and life. This helps to build trust because transparency is something that everyone wants.  

Here are some ideas of behind the scenes posts to get you started:

  • Take great photos of your workspace and tell followers about your space
  • Introduce followers to your team
  • Share your favorite team-building activity or other fun things to help them get to know you and the business

Giving a face and personality to the business will help to bring your more engagement and will inevitably lead to more business. 

3. Giveaways

Giveaways are a great tool to get more traffic if you do it right. The first thing is to give away something that brides want and that they value. This will help ensure that you get a lot of entries and followers!

With Instagram giveaways, you can do this alone or partner with some of your vendors. If you partner, put together a basket of things from each vendor. To enter, followers will have to follow each vendor, like the post, and tag a set number of friends.

Make sure you have an appealing graphic to go with it as well. 

instagram quotes and memes for wedding planners and florists instagram post ideas

4. IG Stories

If you aren’t using your stories then you are definitely missing out. Most people look at the stories of those they follow before they scroll through the feed. In fact, they might not even scroll your feed at all. 

One of the best ways to use stories is to do a teaser post. A good example would be to talk a little bit about a great wedding DIY with a picture in your feed but put all of the details and extra information in your story.

5. IGTV Post Featuring Your Favorite Wedding Products

Videos are a great tool for engaging on social media right now. They are more engaging and give more information than a simple picture. A great Instagram post idea would be a video using IGTV sharing some of your favorite products for weddings. 

Pick a few things that you can’t stop talking about and tell your followers why. You could even do a series and feature one item per video. Brides want to know what is worth their time and money and what isn’t. 

Conclusion: Instagram Post Ideas

The main thing to keep in mind when posting on Instagram is to choose posts or content that allows your followers to engage with the post and with you. Also check out our Instagram Podcast for 10 Tips Wedding Planners should be using on Instagram.