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5 Questions to Include in Your Wedding Client Questionnaire

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There really is no way to overstress the importance of being on the same page as your wedding client.  On the big day, there is no room for misunderstanding because there are no do-overs.  Once the event is over there is no going back.  As a wedding planner, you want to make sure that the bride and groom are beyond satisfied with the event and have memories for a lifetime.  That is where a wedding client questionnaire comes in. 

This is something that you will send to your client for them to fill out and send back.  This will ensure that you know exactly what the bride and groom want so make sure you keep several copies and even hand one personally back to the client.  But what are the important things to include in your wedding client questionnaire?

1. How Many People are in The Wedding Party?

This number has been known to change from time to time depending on cost, availability, life circumstances, and any number of other things.  It is still best to be on the same page as your couple.  If there is going to be a large number in the wedding party then it will take more time and coordination on the day. Regardless of the number you, as the wedding planner, need to know what it is.  Communication is the key to success. 

2. What Time is The Ceremony Starting and What your Preferred Length?

While you may think this is a given when planning the wedding it really isn’t.  The bride and groom could have a very different idea of when they are starting and how long it should take.  Adding this question to the questionnaire is more for clarity than a necessity, to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

There are few things that are worse than the couple thinking the wedding starts at one time and the wedding planner thinks it is another time. 

3. Do You Have a Wedding Hashtag?

Couples are excited about their big day and will often have a hashtag to help their guests share moments with them and connect with each other. There have been many weddings in the last few years with some pretty amazing hashtags. The Knot listed the following as some of the top wedding hashtags:

  • #EverybodyLovesRemond
  • #MarkedForTheWin
  • #WalbyDamned
  • #FinallyFerrill
  • #KZKindOfLove
  • #TwoScoopsOfCoop
  • #SnellTurnsKerns
  • #DreamComeShru
  • #OperationArmstrong
  • #OhHillYeah
  • #ForeverYoungs
  • #ToHaveAndToHughes
  • #ITheeWebb
  • #ShesTheMannelly
  • #HallMyLovin

Knowing if the couple will have or want to have a wedding hashtag will help you with the social media side of things. This will give you an opportunity to check in with guests, see what their thoughts were on the highlights of the big day, and even be able to re-share your favorites on your own social media accounts!

4. Where Will Hair and Makeup Be Done?

A wedding planner’s job is never done, even if you think something might not be in your duties. It is the planner’s job to ensure that everything runs smoothly and people are where they need to be.  Knowing where and when hair and makeup will be done is imperative to making this happen. If it will be done at a salon then there will need to be more time allotted for that.  However, if the stylist is coming to the venue there will be a little bit more time to play with.  The most important thing is that both you and the couple know what is going on at any given time. 

5. Are You Doing a First Look?

While this one is all on the photographer to capture, it is still that the planner has to be aware of. A first look is a time before the wedding that allows the bride and groom to see each other before everyone else does. The big reveal.  This is usually a very intimate moment and an amazing photo opportunity. But it does require some extra time before the guests arrive.  Knowing whether or not they want to do this will help you to coordinate the wedding day schedule accordingly. 

Conclusion: Wedding Client Questionnaire

Making sure you are on the same page as your couple will help everything run smoothly.  If you’re struggling to develop your own questionnaire, be sure to check out on of our done for you templates in the SHOP.